Foremost Project of Gulberg Greens

One of the most influential societies of twin cities. Gulberg Greens is known as a city within the city. It is famous for its well planned infrastructure, lush greenery and unique projects.


 A mutual project of RJ Greens and Deenar, the ultimate “Newyork smart park” is coming soon to amaze you. With a vision to excel in the digital era, Newyork smart park is a seven storey building with three dedicated floors for shops and four exclusively for offices. New york smart park is privilileged to be the first smart Mall   of Gulberg Greeens. It is located in the business park that is the commercial hub of Gulberg Islamabad.


Newyork smart park is smart building, fully integrated with hi-tech devices for an experience like never before. The Newyork smart park is built upon international standards with latest innovative technology ensuring convenience, security and luxury. 


prolific opportunities for success. The world is going digital and so we are. The latest technology with innovative devices will help you work seamlessly to achieve greater milestones.


Shopping experience like never before. When innovation is bringing ease in every aspect of our lives then why not in shopping. Free hi-speed WIFI with real time navigation on every floor of the shopping mall is designed to provide ultimate experience.


Invest in Newyork smart park for high profitability and future security. It is an ideal time for you to invest in Newyork smart park as business park is the commercial hub of Gulberg Greens with many shops and offices running successfully. 

Quintessential Location

Gulberg Greens is located next to the Islamabad Expressway which makes it convenient for residents of both Rawalpindi and Islamabad to visit for shopping and business purposes. Gulberg Greens is only 12 mins away from Zero Point and is so far the only society with signal free entry.

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